Satellite Event

The week prior to the school in Les Houches, student could participate to a 3 days pre-school which will be organised in Grenoble, CNRS Campus 25 rue Des Martyrs, from the 23d to the 25th of march 2022. During these 3 days, 5 master level lectures of 1h30 will be proposed on-line and on-site. These lectures will introduce the basics physical background needed to follow the school at les Houches. For participants present on-site some visit of laboratories , LNCMI, NEEL laboratories and synchrotron X-ray facility, ESRF will be organised. A social event with dinner will be proposed on Friday evening.

These three days are free of fees. The number of participants on site is limited to 20. The registration to participate is mandatory.

If you are not registered for the School at Les Houches, it is possible to follow the lectures, please fill the following form to participate.

The programm will be the following :

The lecture are the following :

Superconductivity, phonons and phase transitionH. Cercellier (Néel)2x1h30
Reciprocal space and Fermi Surface A. Pourret (Pheliqs)2x1h30
Fermi liquid propertiesA. Demuer (LNCMI)1h30


H. Cercellier , Neel Institute

M.A Méasson, Néel Institute

A. Pourret, ITRIG Pheliqs

P. Rodière, Néel Institute